Ori Roth Juggles

Ori Roth, an Israeli juggling friend, has sent me a link to this video he produced for an art project. It’s in stark contrast to the videos I’ve produced with Thomas some years ago in that we almost always showed the tricks in full with no cuts in between, and waiting a few seconds after the trick to cut to the next one. Not that it didn’t occur to us to do more “aggressive” cutting, but we wanted to make sure people knew that Thomas got the tricks clean. The only two occasions where I departed from this formula was a video I made for a small, informal video competition, where I mashed together tricks we had already used in previous videos to a faster rhythm, and the trailer for our video #10 where I wanted to create suspense by not showing how the tricks ended.

At some point one I guess one can step back from proving oneself and putting the focus more on the video than on the juggling, hopefully not alienating the juggling-savvy viewers and maybe reaching out to a larger audience which cannot tell a 744 from a (6x,4)(4,6x), and couldn’t care less about it. So, if you belong to the latter group, then go and watch Ori’s video. And if you belong to the former then you’ve probably already watched it.