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A few days ago Canon announced the EOS 40D, which is the successor to the successor to the successor to the camera I’m using primarily, which is the EOS 10D. The two cameras in between, the 20D and the 30D, didn’t provide reason enough for me to upgrade but the 40D finally seems to offer enough improvements to make it worth it. Here are the features which make the new camera very attractive to me, compared to my 10D:

  • The bigger viewfinder. Nikon has had this since the D200, now Canon has finally caught up.
  • Speed. Not so much the 6.5 frames per second, which I don’t really care much about, but the faster writing speed, deeper buffer, and especially being able to review photos immediately and not having to wait until they’ve been written to the CF card.
  • Better autofocus. I hope it’ll perform better in the dark than my 10D and it’s certain to perform much better for action shots like my runner photos.
  • Hopefully better high ISO performance and more dynamic range, especially in the highlights.
  • The big LCD. I love the big 2.5 inch LCDs of Canon’s newer DSLRs, so I can’t wait to use the new 3 inch one.
  • Live view might turn out to be very useful for macro photography.

Features which don’t really excite me:

  • I don’t care that much for the metapixels. I’d actually prefer a 6MP sensor delivering the quality that the 1D Mark III delivers to the 10MP sensor of the 40D.
  • The sensor cleaning system. Despite changing lenses pretty often I’ve never had big troubles with dirt on the sensor, and the more systematic tests of those systems have shown them to be not very effective, anyway.

What still pisses me off:

  • No sensor-based image stabilization. Sony has it, Pentax has it, and Olympus has it, too. Come on, Nikon, implement this, sell more cameras and force Canon to finally do it, too!

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