Otto’s Metapixel

Kim Mosaic

Metapixel is an application I wrote for creating photomosaics. It’s Free Software and if you run Ubuntu or Debian all you have to do to install it is type “apt-get install metapixel“, so give it a try!

A few days ago I got an email from the Hamburg, Germany based software development house that they’ve written a server application around Metapixel for a web-based photomosaic-creation application for the German company Otto Versand. You can upload your photo and it’ll build a mosaic out of photos of stuff you can buy there – pretty neat. There’s also a few mosaics of minor celebrities which you can browse and inspect in detail.

By the way: is looking for competent software developers willing to work in Hamburg!


3 thoughts on “Otto’s Metapixel

  1. Thank you for the info sharing. I’ve read about this from other people’s review & most of people give a positive feedbacks. I’ve seen a lot of people used it and the mosaic image looks very impressive especially if you printed it out at a poster size.

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