Hack Week Conclusion

My work for hack week has ended, and I’m pretty satisfied with it. Since the last update I’ve integrated my C imaging code into the application, removed the dependency on GEGL and improved the UI a bit. The application is now in a state where it is already somewhat usable. The big thing that’s missing is dodging and burning. Apart from that there are several small things that still need to be done, like the histogram. Oh, and the UI needs to be seriously improved, because it sucks. As soon as I have time again I’ll continue working on the project.

For anybody who wants to give it a try or maybe even put some work in, the application can be downloaded in two parts: First there’s the image processing library, which is written in C and should be trivial to compile. Then there’s the application itself, which can be built with MonoDevelop. A few hints about using the program: “Import” brings in an image for processing. “Export” saves the processed image in the PNG format. Clicking on the image “inspects” the pixel clicked on, and shift-dragging the image scrolls.