I’ve written a plug-in called MathMap for the popular image manipulation program The GIMP long ago and have worked on it on and off ever since. Rather than doing a specific effect MathMap is a simple mathematical language which can be used to specify a huge number of different effects (here are some examples).

MathMap has been used to illustrate complex functions, to generate weird Mandelbrot fractals, to analyze X-ray images of crystals and now seems to be very popular on Flickr to create Escheresque images – there’s even a group for those images!

Eternal Scream 3 (Alpha Blending)
Photo by Josh Sommers

If you want to try out MathMap for yourself, get it here if you use Linux (or MacOS X and you really know what you’re doing). There’s also a MacOS X version with a much nicer GUI, and an unofficial Windows version.


7 thoughts on “MathMap

  1. GodTube – hilarious! I bet it’s only the Christian god though, right? No Thor worshippers, Baal adherents or Zeus believers welcome, or am I wrong?

    And that guy – I wonder whether these people are really so deluded or just completely dishonest, rattling off arguments which they should know have been done away with ages ago.

  2. Hi Mark
    First of all let me tell you, Mathmap is truly amazing. One of the best thing that I’ve encountered on the net.
    I recently ran across Metapixel without knowing it was written by you also. It’s another great tool. Say, are there any chances that you will make it into a GIMP plug-in as well? It’d be great if you do.

  3. Thanks for the feedback!

    I see no big benefit in making Metapixel a GIMP plug-in, to be honest. A GUI would be nice, and I have thought about that quite a bit, but I just don’t have the time to put in the effort.

  4. Indeed a GUI would be nice. In fact I only ask if you can make it into a GIMP plug-in because I wanted a GUI :D. I thought it is easier than writing a separate GUI but since I have absolutely no programming knowledge, I have no ideas.
    Keep up the good work. ;)

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