Zooomr is up again…

Zooomr is up again and at version 2.0 (despite still being beta – go figure!). I had hoped that they would implement some community-building features, similar to Flickr‘s favorites and groups, most importantly. Unfortunately, that didn’t happen. What they did do was expand on the stuff I’m completely uninterested in, like GeoTagging. It still remains practically impossible to find good photos on Zooomr, something which has become very easy on Flickr.

So, I guess if what you want is sight-seeing by map then Zooomr’s the thing for you. If you’re more interesting in photography then Flickr’s still the place to go. I had hoped for a real competitor to get the Flickr crew to implement some new features, but Zooomr won’t be a contender soon. Well, maybe when it’s at 3.0…


3 thoughts on “Zooomr is up again…

  1. Hi there, thanks for posting about Zooomr!

    We’ve actually split-up the 2.0 release in two parts mainly because of the DDOS attacks. Our community features will be out in the next few weeks as we start to take our load into account.

    Zooomr is completely and entirely developed by me, and I’ve had a lot of business type things come-up recently. Either way, Zooomr still has much to show the world.


    Kristopher Tate
    cto & founder — bluebridge tech / zooomr

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