Zooomr’s giving away free Pro accounts

and I need one! Well, actually, I don’t need one, but I still want one, so I have to host a Zooomr photo here:

GabiGabiHosted on Zooomr

Call me a corporate whore if you want, I don’t care!

Speaking of Zooomr: It was hyped as a “Flickr-killer”, but turned out to be pretty boring. They built in some nice features nobody needs, like geotagging and audio comments, but left out the features that make Flickr the cool photo sharing site that it is, especially groups and favorites and, to a lesser extent, sets.

All is not lost, though! Zooomr will upgrade to version 2.0 on July 14. As far as I know they haven’t announced any of the new features yet, but given that Thomas Hawk, who certainly knows what’s what, works for Zooomr now, I’m confident that we can expect some community-building features of Zooomr. It’s time Flickr got some serious competition – it can only make things better for everybody concerned!


4 thoughts on “Zooomr’s giving away free Pro accounts

  1. Hey Schani,

    Groups are coming. We are working on them fast and furious at all hours of night.

    Adding faves at least allows people the ability to check out others people faves for good shots.

    Here’s mine:


    We do have lots of work to do and hopefully will have a lot more of the community features that you’d like to see very shortly.

    Thanks for blogging about us Pal.


  2. Thanks, I already checked out Zooomr’s favorites – I favorited a few of your shots, some of which I was one of the first viewers. Hopefully groups will bring Zooomr to life! I mean, this shot has 3 views??? Madness!

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